For The Very First Time - Chapter 5.

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Harry looked disappointed in a second, but a smile spread across his face the second after.

”Well, you have my number. Call me”. 


And then the car was speeding away.


”Hey, who were you talking to?” Nick asked, coming up behind her.


”No one”, she sighed. ”Shall we go?”




She was leaned against the end of Nick’s bed, sitting at his carpet and studying history. Sometimes kisses were stolen from each other. Brooklyn mentally cursed everytime, when she didn’t think of Nick’s lips on hers, but Harry’s. Whatever she did, she couldn’t seem to get him out of her head. His dark, luscious curls hanging around his perfect formed face, his olive green eyes gazing into hers, his… Ugh, no she was doing it again!


“Is everything okay babe? You seem a little distracted”. Nick’s words made her flinch.


“No, no everything is okay”, she said and forced a smile. But it’s not, she thought. Why was she so damn stupid? She had a perfect boyfriend! She couldn’t just forget about him for some stupid boyband-singer. How gorgeous eyes he may have. But it wasn’t just his eyes! His cheeky but still kind personality… God, she did it again!


“I need to go to the bathroom”, she mumbled and stood up. She locked the bathroom door behind her and mentally sighed deeply. When did everything become like this? It didn’t feel right in one way, and definitely not to Nick. She had got the boy she’d dream about since high school, and suddenly that didn’t seem to be enough for her? No, suddenly she dreamed about pop-stars, which she never did.


She walked to the sink and washed her face with some cold water. She dried her face with a towel and went back out to her boyfriend with she lately often had to remind herself that she had.


Nick smiled to her when she came out and her heart sank a little. She’d barely forgot how wonderful his smile was.


“Come here”, he said and tapped his lap. She sat down and they kissed sweetly. His familiar scent filled her mouth as his tongue slid past her lips.


She snatched when his hand slid under her top. She knew it shouldn’t be that bad, but in some way she felt uncomfortable.


“You know I’m not ready yet”, she mumbled which made him snort.


“You’re not ready for sex but me touching you isn’t sex”, he said coldly. She didn’t answer, just moved back to where she sat at first, and continued to study.


“I think you need to go now. Jason will be here soon, we’ll watch the game”, he said just as coldly. She got hurt by his words, and felt pathetic.


“Yeah, I should be home by now anyway”, she mumbled.


When she was on her way home she wondered if Harry ever would throw her out in that way.

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Chapter 7: Naive (MDOP)

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“Shut up Ella, you like him – and he’s not mental he likes you to. Which means, you’re going. And before that happends, we’re going on the beach partyyyy tonight wooohoooo!” 
I sighed at my bestfriend and her never-ending-energy, before muttering (for to myself than to her)
“He’s probably mental then..”

“Ella, Emma, over here!” My bestfriend grabbed me by the hand and dragged me in the sand towards the pier where a bunch of our friends stood, they mingled gladly together with a whole lot of other people. They all greeted us with a hug, och and a;
“Whooooa, glad you guys could make it!”
We chatted with all of them for a while, laughing at the three or fours idiots that thought it were a brilliant idea to go for a swim.
The darkness fell faster than we all had expected, so we went up to the point where the beach meets the forest, and lit a campfire. We were like fourty people left now, music playing from someone smart that had brought their speaker.
Some random guy that I didn’t know that well played some guitar with the beat of the soft music, and some of us hummed along and the other just talked, laughed or whatever. The night was all over us by now and I suppose we all just tried to had the best time we could, spend one of the last nights of this summer holiday in the best way possible.
I was glad that Em dragged me here, (God should know that girl knew me better than I knew myself) this night had turned out to be pretty great, despite that I could’t get his stupid hand that always rubbed the back of that messy but astonishing blonde hair in a absolutly adorable way, out of my head. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid irish idiot at all..

“Okay okay, I was only like four years old – c’mon guys!” One of the guys that I’d learn to know by the night looked at the four of us he was talking to, telling really (like really really, I mean – not even me that weird when I was a little kid, c’mon!) weird stories about what he had done when he was a child. The four of us that still listened to his stories, (me, Miranda – that’s a girl from school, and two other guys that I can’t remember what they told me their names was. Uhm, awkward.) burst into a fit of laughters, and this time we couldn’t stop. He (the one that told us the story, but that I still couldn’t remember the name of, uhm awkward moment two) looked seriously hurt, before he pouted his lips jokingly and started to laugh himself. I told you, he was a weird kid.

 I suddenly felt a pair of big hands cover my eyes, and let out a little scream.
“What the...” I burst out, before the person removed his hands quickly and let me turn around.
I felt myself start to grin as soon as I saw the blondehaired boy, (or brown? Shit, I couldn’t decide what it was, haha. Nope, I’m not becoming a hairdresser, I mean, I couldn’t event tell what colour his hair was..?)
I let my eyes wander all over his never-ending-torso as he stood up in front of me, and let my gaze slowly wander along his jawbone, as a heard a girly sqeal to the left of me.
“OHMIGOSH, it’s him”
“Miranda, it’s Niall!!!” A high pitched voice behind me screamed, and I looked back in confusion, met Emmas weirdly quilty eyes before turning to Niall again.
He looked at me swiftly for a second, his blue eyes burning wholes in mine, before he quickly grabbed my hand, looked at Em with eyes that were now burning, and she quickly stood up, shouting something that I couldn’t make out, to the girls that had let out Nialls name, before giving Niall a quick nod as he twirled me around and started to walk, fast away from the fire and all the people, up to the small gravel road that let through the dark forest, and passed a few house.

“Niall, hello, what the hell is going on?” I asked, confused holding his hand as I felt goosebumps all over my body, when the heath from the fire disappeared I immediatlely started to freeze.
“Here” He quietly said, barley looking at me as he threw his denim shirt to me.
“Thanks” I mumled under my breath, still trying to understand what was happening, and why he acted so strange.
I put the shirt on, and let his smell fill my nosetrils. I could live in this, as long as I could have the smell of him on it. (No wait what, focus Ella, something’s wrong.)
We finally slowed down, still without exchanged any more words and then he suddenly stopped, outside this little house that looked like some kind of storage room (probably for one of the houses along the little road) A lamp was lit (probably one of those that lits up when someone passes by, but still kinda creepy)

I wriggled my small hand out of his large, warm one and turned to face him.
I layed my small, tanned hand on his chest that was breathing heavily. (I could felt how his muscels tensed through the thin fabric, and had to make an effort not to loose focus. Seriously though, you couldn’t really blame me...)
I took a deep breath, and met those burning eyes that still made butterflies create kaos all over my body, with a source in the pit of my stomach.
“Niall, what’s going on?”
“Nothing” He cut me off quickly, pulling the hand of his chest.
I felt a sting in my heart, but didn’t care to much.
“Come on, what the fuck. Tell me, you know, I notice when something’s wrong.”
“Just... me..”
“Sorry what, you have to talk louder, I can’t hear you!” I felt the anger start to build inside me, what the hell was his problem.
Him suprising me at that fire was, easily, the best moment out of the night – so I couldn’t for my live get what was so weird.
“Niall, answer me. What’s happening, who were they, and how did they even know your name – for gods sake!”
He let out a shaky breath, looking at me slowly.
“Uhm, I used to date on of there friends, and it didn’t quiet.. end well...” He went quiet, but I kept gazing at him, sensing he didn’t tell me all of it.
“And.. that’s just how they know who I am. They just freaked because.. I don’t know, how things ended with their friend and me, and.. ya know” His accent become thicker word by word, and silly me – being the silly person I was, became mesmeried by just that. His voice.
“Ella, I’m sorry I didn’t know they’d be there I just wanted to come and suprise you I’m so sorry!” I woke up from my thoughts and met those killing eyes again.
“I’m sorry. I’m stupid, I should have texted you in the week, or called you, and I should’ve guessed they’d be there”
I felt the tingels take over my body as I felt his voice take over.
I had already forgiven him, long time again (I mean, his ex’s freaky friends were nothing to care about... right?) And besides, I was to busy listening to that was to even care to stop in.
Daydreaming slightly, I leaned backwards and felt my back hit the white wall behind me. The lamp was right over my head, and in the gloomy, but at the same time strong light, he really looked like an angel.
I felt my whole body exploded in tingles just by hearing his voice, and the butterflies in my tummy went mad when he turned quiet and brought his hand up to his head.
He ruffled the back of his head nervously, then looked at me, questioning.
I looked at him, took in the jeansclad, extremly long legs that hung absolutly perfectly low on his hips, before letting my gaze wonder up to his t-shirt clad torso, (wow, I didn’t even think about how could it had to be for him, whilst I just snuggled in closer in his shirt, becoming dizzy as I felt the smell that I so strongly admired, and connected to the boy in front of me.
I looked at his face, his defined jawbone, his slightly blushing cheekbones, his perfectly messy blonde-brown (that’s it, I just can’t decide!)

I looked at his lips when he nervously let his lips run over them, (I almost lost it, I swear at that moment, I almost lost it.) And then I finally met his eyes. The blues eyes, now filled with insecurity, looked at me, almost scared of what I might say: but when he saw the dreamy smile on my face, he slowly started to smile to.
And my whole body exploded at that second. And at that moment, I realized what all the weird tingels and butterflies meant. It meant, I was in love. With this irish little blonde-brown-haired boy in front of me that I’d gotten to know the past few weeks, just. The silly boy in front of me that now smiled nervously at me, and all of his little things.
I was in love. Silly, silly me.

He opened his mouth again, probably wondering what the heck was going on with my. I just looked at him, feeling the happiness inside of me explode, felt lucky that I even met him that time, felt lucky to be able to live in this moment, with this boy, on this earth. I smiled, a smile filled with joy before interrupting his 17th apology.
“Really, Ella I’m sorry I just thought it would be a good idea to suprise you, because I just really really...”
“Shut up and kiss me already, you idiot.” I half whispered, half mumbled, blushing like mad before I pouted my lips out against him jokingly, in a half-kiss, half-smiling, kind-of-way -  against him as I closed my eyes and prayed.

What I felt in the moment after that, I can’t ever describe to you, to anyone. It was magic.
I have never felt so alive in my whole live.
When he finally took that last step towards me, carefully pushed my back against the cold wall even harder, as I jumped up and circled my shortsclad legs around his waist, my hands quickly finding their way in his hair, I couldn’t possibly ask for more.
His mouth hungrily found mine, pressing his pink lips against mine.
He kissed me slowly, lovingly, before he desperatly started to beg for entrence to my mouth, proparly.
I smiled into the kiss, wide, feeling the smile getting even wider on his face as I gladly greeted his tounge into my mouth.
I’d never felt so happy. I’d never felt so much tingels in my body that I thought I was going to explode, as we seperated our mouthes, desperate for air. We both chipped after air, inhaling the others air.
His forehead pressed against mine, and he looked at me, smiling as he noticed the huge smile that was plastered on my face.
I just.. I just couldn’t stop smiling.


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Chapter 6: Silly plans (MDOP)

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Well, I didn’t really get my Starbucks. But I got another day with Niall. And
once again, I got those weird tingles in my stomach.
Some weird shit was
going on man, maybe my period was about to come.

“Em, look in the camera silly!” I said, quickly turning to my bestfriend beside me, before looking back into the camera myself and poking myself. (For you who think that sounded weird; just to inform you that’s basically me and Emma spending time together.)
She pulled a face before flopping herself at my big bed.
“Ellaaaa, I’m bored. What’s up for tonight?”

I shrugged my shoulders as I posted the picture to instagram, tagged Em and locked my phone. Second after, I unlocked it quickly, looking through my inbox once again. I dubbelchecked the conversation under the letter “N”, but nothing new...
A week since we last saw eachother, three weeks since the little roadtrip. I didn’t get this feeling I was having whenever I thought about, it – him, whatever, it felt weird, almost like I craved to see him again (I honestly had no idea what was going on with me, what was this shit) And I felt the disappointment well over me once again when it showed “No new messages” I sighed.
“Helloooo, earth to Ella, zuuuup girl? Feels like your distraced”
“I donno” I said, quietly.
“Come ooooon, cheer up, and let’s own that beach party tonight shall we?” My bestfriend was sprawled out all over my bed (as usual) looking at me with puppy eyes.
“Yeah okay, whatever you say”
“You’re being booooooooring, come on! It’s like the last week of our summer holiday, cheer up for gods sake women and let’s pick out some clothes before you pick out your own  boring-funeral-coz-I-was-to-boring-to-go-to-the-beachpart-clothes babe!”
I smiled at her, sometimes I had no idea why I even hanged with her, but this was obivously one of the reasons. Whatever happend, she’d always make me smile.

Crazy girl eh, I though for myself before nodding and letting out a laugh.
“Woooop woooop my baby is back, let’s go hang with your brother and then get our asses ready to rock that paaaaaaarty!” She jumped out of bed and run down the stairs as she heard the front door open.
“Hiiii Jasoooon!” She shouted, and I heard my brother laugh as he probably hugged her.
“Hi Em, long time no see!” (1; It was like a week ago for gods sake. And 2; before you jump to any conclusions; YES Em had always been into Jas, and despite what you may think; I didn’t really care to much: I suppose, he liked her to, but not like that, I mean she was his little sisters bestfriend, basically that’s all. So, yeah, you get what I’m saying?)
I shaked my head for myself to focus, and pretty much jumped down the stairs myself to greet my brother.

 “Hey sis!” My brother embraced me and before I’d even gotten the chance to answer he contuined to speak:
“By the way, you know Greg; that guy that was with us at the game?” I nodded, in my head wondering what this was and shrugging my shoulders at Em lik ‘I don’t know any more than you’

“He sorta invited us, to his place for dinner..?”
I looked at him;
“Soooo, you have to tell me this because..?”
“It’s this Saturday.”
“What?! Jas, you promised that you would come with us!”
He bit his lip;
“Yeah yeah I know, but really; what’s more exciting? This, or visiting grandpa and grandma?”
“Well we both know the answer, but you promised me and I won’t go there alone with mum and dad, do you have ANY idea of how boring it was last time??” I glared at my brother, it may be a small thing but going to my grandpa and grandma alone, again this weekend would I definitly not agree on that!

“God Em, how do you even handle her, she’s so stubborn!” My brother looked at my bestfriend who just laughed.
“I know that, that’s why I was wondering if you wanted to come along?”
I laughed;

“Haha what, are you asking me if I want to have dinner with you and your boys? Euw no way” I poked him in the stomach. He smiled

“Thought you would say something like that. But think about it, I’ll convince mum and dad it’s okay if you stay at home with me, and it’s just one dinner for gods sake.”
Hesitating, I nodded

“Okay, I suppose that’s a good deal”
Emma laughed and smirked weirdly at Jas.
“Okay okay whatever, now she’s all mine, your sibling-talk is making me tired.” Being the weird girl she was she faked a yawn before she dragged me upstairs again.
She slammed the door behind me and forced me to sit on the bed oppisote her.
“What?” I asked, without a clue what was going on.
“DON’T YOU GET IT SILLY” She pracically screamed.
“Woaah, keep your voice down Em. Whatsuuuup?”
“Gregs house. Saturday night. Don’t ya know what that means?”
Slowly, I felt my brain start to work.
Gregs house. Greg meant Nialls brother. Niall meant.. Niall. And Niall meant.. those stupid feelings all over my body. Ugh.

“Wait what, you think he will be there?” I looked at Em with big eyes.
“What are you, nuts or something. Of course he’ll be there! And I promise to make sure you look stunning!!”
My chin fell, and I just stared at my bestfriends like she was mad.
“Well in that case I’m not even going. I don’t wanna be rude, and since he haven’t texted me for like, a week, I suppose he wants nothing to do with me. And if that’s the case, then it would feel really mean to just show up at his brothers doorstep, practically inviting myself to have dinner with him and...”
“Shut up Ella, you like him – and he would be mental not to like you back. Which means, you’re going. And before that happends, we’re going on the beach partyyyy tonight wooohoooo!” 
I sighed at my bestfriend and her never-ending-energy, before muttering (for to myself than to her)
“He’s probably mental then..”

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For The Very First Time - Part 2 of chapter 4.

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”So, how’s things going with Jason?” Brooklyn winked. April’s cheeks flushed red.

”Uhm... I guess. Erm, good” she stuttered.

”Tell me!”  

”Okay, okay. He texted me yesterday”, she smiled at the ground as Brooklyn started to jump up and down. 

”Aaaah, are you kidding?! What did he say?!”

”Gosh, Brook, calm down”, April mumbled. ”He just asked how I was doing and we chatted a bit. That’s all”.

”Oh my god, he’s so into you!” Brooklyn cheered.


”He’s not!” April protested but a smile spread across her face.


”Let’s see about that”, Brooklyn smirked. ”Well, come on now, we’ll be late”.




”That’s beautiful”. Brooklyn admired the painting April did in watercolours. It was of a girl with red, long hair and a white dress who was running on a meadow full of colourful flowers. She didn’t seem to run to something special, and Brooklyn thought that she ran just because she wanted to. Because she was happy.


”Thanks”, April smiled. ”Why haven’t you done anything?”


Brooklyn sighed and looked down at her own paper, who had stayed white.


”I don’t know”, she mumbled. ”I don’t seem to find any inspiration”.


”Listen to music, thats how I find inspiration”.


”Yeah, I guess I can try”. 


She took her earphones and phone out of her satchel and put them in her ears. She started playing  Mumford and Sons album and after a while pictures started flow through her mind.


”It’s actually working”, she told her best friend, before grabbing some pencils and a palette.


She worked uninterruptedly until the bell rang, telling everyone the school day had come to an end.


”Wow, Brook”, April breathed. Brooklyn took out the earphones and scanned the drawing. She had used blue, purple and pink, and also some green, and on the paper there was a portrait of a girl who closed her eyes, surrounded by wavy hair which shifted in colours. 


”My god, Miss Davies and Miss Winston, your paintings are wonderful!” Their art teacher stood behind them, her makeup painted face lit up in a big smile, and her brown curls danced around her shoulders as she talked eagerly. 


”I’ll get them dried, and when they are we have to put them up in here!” She spoke.




”I am not letting her put up my drawing”, April laughed as she, Brooklyn and Nick made their way out of the school.


”Not me either”, Brooklyn agreed. 


”So, you’re joining to my place?” Nick asked and she nodded. ”Yeah, but not for the whole evening because Mr. Lewis gave us like a tons of papers we where going to study”. She sighed.


”Yeah, I know how he is”.


They where in a eager conversation about Mr. Lewis and how everybody hated him, when Brooklyn’s eyes landed on a car that was parked outside the school. Her heart felt like it was stuck in her throat when she saw who the driver was.


”Uhm, can you excuse me for a moment?” She mumbled to her boyfriend before she fast walked over to the black Range Rover and stood in front of the drawn-down window.


”What in the hell are you doing here?” She asked Harry who had a amused smile playing on his lips.


”So here’s your school...” He said in his raspy voice, glancing at the building beside her.


”Hey, look at me. Why are you here?”


”I wanted to see you”. 


”Okay, new question: How did you know which school I go on?”


”Brooklyn, you can just stop asking right now how I get to know stuff about you, because I can get over any information I want...” 


”I guess it’s now you’ll say that ‘you have contacts’ ”, she rolled her eyes, rather annoyed.


”Exactly”, he smiled.


”Well, I can’t see you right now. I’m going home to Nick”.


Harry looked disappointed in a second, but a smile spread across his face the second after.

”Well, you have my number. Call me”. 


And then the car was speeding away.


”Hey, who were you talking to?” Nick asked, coming up behind her.


”No one”, she sighed. ”Shall we go?”

For The Very First Time - Part 1 of chapter 4.

2013-01-27 @ 16:07:00
It was different from the first time. This kiss was deep and painfully desperate, almost like they thought the moment would fly away to nothingness in any second.


Which it did, as they pulled away to gasp for air.


”Let’s go back to mine”, Harry breathed and Brooklyn nodded quickly.


A single tear rolled down Brooklyn’s cheek as they walked side by side to, what she guessed, should be Harry’s apartment. What the hell was she doing? She loved Nick. Yes, she loved Nick and she couldn’t do this to him.


”Are you crying?” Harry stopped walking.


”I’m just... Confused”.


To her surprise, Harry started to laugh. She gasped at his reaction. How did he even have the nerve to laugh?


”What the hell are you laughing at?” She bursted out. He stopped laughing when he saw her reaction.


”Honey, nobody forces you to do this. We can just... Hang out. I can behave. If that relationship means that much to you, then we can forget what just happened at the cinema”.

Smiling, he lifted his hand to her cheek to wipe away her tears. She immediately slapped his hand away.


”Okay, one: do not call me honey. Two: yes, my relationship do actually mean something to me so I’m sorry about what happened at the cinema. And three: i’m starving so let’s go and eat something”. She started walking and he caught up. It didn’t take long until they were at his flat.




”Thanks”, Brooklyn mumbled as Harry handed her a bowl with cheese macaronis (that looked delicious by the way), she hadn’t realise how hungry she was until now. Harry sat himself down in the sofa where she sat curled up with crossed legs. His intense gaze was laid on her as she ate; which she found really awkward. She cleared her throat.


”Nice place”, she said as she looked around in the big living room. She’d really thought that a person like Harry Styles would have an exclusive flat with modern furniture and interior, but apparently she was wrong. His living room was decorated in 50s rock n’ roll style. Old furniture; a couch in dark leather, an old LP-player, a bar with high barstools, high-tech loudspeakers (probably for music) and the walls decorated with posters of the Ramones, the Beatles, Coldplay, the Script etc.


”Yeah, I like it here”, he smiled. 


”Uhm... I probably need to go”, she mumbled as she stood up from the couch. ”Thanks for the food and the movie”. 


”Are you already leaving?”, he asked and for a second almost looked a little hurt which caused Brooklyn’s heart to break a bit.


”Erm, yeah, I have school tomorrow and need to go up early and stuff”. 


Harry’s face got back to its normal, amused expression as a smirk crept on his face.


”So, you’re a swot”, he grinned. 


”No! I’m not!”, Brooklyn gasped. ”I just don’t want to get late to school, that’s all”. 


”Yeah, I’m sure that’s all”, he laughed. 


”Well, don’t believe me then, because I don’t care”, Brooklyn answered. ”Bye Harry”, she pushed him away and was soon out of the front door. 


”Hey! Doesn’t I even get a goodbye-hug?” He shouted after her.


”Uh uh!”, Brooklyn turned around laughing.


”Okay then”, he faked crying before he gave her a smile and closed the door. And that smile was stuck in her head the whole evening.




”What are you doing after school?” April asked, pushing a strand of her blond hair off her face.


”She’s being with me”, Nick answered and flashed a smile.


”Uhm, yeah”, Brooklyn said, annoyed over the fact that Nick had responded for her. She could talk for herself. 


She chewed at her lunch as she let thoughts wander away to that curly boy she’d hang out with yesterday. She thought about something funny he’d said and smiled to herself.


”What are you smiling for?” Nick asked. She immediately stopped smiling and gave him a questioning look.


”What? Since when am I not allowed to smile?” She got up from her chair. ”Are you coming April? We have art class”. 


April did a little happy-dance, and so did Brooklyn, before they said goodbye to Nick and walked out of the cafeteria. 


”So, how’s things going with Jason?” Brooklyn winked. April’s cheeks flushed red.


”Uhm... I guess. Erm, good” she stuttered.


”Tell me!” 


”Okay, okay. He texted me yesterday”, she smiled at the ground as Brooklyn started to jump up and down.


”Aaaah, are you kidding?! What did he say?!”


”Gosh, Brook, calm down”, April mumbled. ”He just asked how I was doing and we chatted a bit. That’s all”.


”Oh my god, he’s so into you!” Brooklyn cheered.

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Chapter 5: I suppose that Starbucks wasn’t a joke (MDOP)

2013-01-25 @ 20:43:30

“Shut up Ella, I’m
just so glad that I could make you smile.”
I let my smile grow even bigger on my face, just watching the sweet boy in
front of me, as he for the last time that night, grabbed my hand and looked me
in the eyes. What about, I’ll give you that ride home now” He said, and without waiting for
me to answer, quickly sqeezed my hand in his, and started to walk to the car.

I don’t know Em.. yeah, no no! Well yeah; I suppose you could say that but.. but..... Yeah I know; I’m freaking becuause of exactly that!” I groaned into the phone and my bestfriend of all times laughed at.
“Come on girl, it will be fun! Just as friends ay?” Emma chuckled and I mentally slapped myself for tellling her I would go out with Niall.
No no no, not like that. (For gods sake people, I’ve met the boy one time!)
But yese were going out, but no, not in that way. We were just going to hang out a bit; I suppose he didn’t take that Starbucks I demanded the last week as a joke.
I felt the phone vibrate against my chin, and quickly sat up in the bed I was sprawled out in.
“Shit Em, it’s him. I.. gotta go bye!” I hunged up on her before she’d even had time to say bye. I could just imagine that frustrated, but amused laugh that she let out right now.

Haha, sometimes I think Em and I spent to much time together, it were almost like I knew how she would react to certain things. And this, was definitly one of them.
It had been like what,  a week, since I last meet that stupid irish boy for the first time.
He had given me the promised ride home, and sneekily slipped his number into my phone, and the other way around. (That boy probably worked for the CIA or something, I hadn't even been drunk - how could he do that without me noticing?!)
So the last week had pretty much been the same as the week before, I’d played some soccer with the guys, hanged with Emma as usual, and went to some patethic parties, chilled at the beach for the last summer days, and so..
Oh, well that was pretty much it. If I’d have to admit it, the few texts and calls that had been exhanged between that boy and me, had been the highlights.
I donno, you know; he was hot - that I’d had to admit. I mean, must be something wrong with the girl if she didn’t think Niall was hot.
But that was just like the small bit. The thing was, he was really cool. I mean, ugh whatever. You get it. He was just.. cool.

I hurried down the steps, quickly shouted bye to my brother that probably was sleeping anyways, left a quick note to my parents that already had gone back to their work in the court, on the table, before I went to open the door.
“Hey there” The soft, irish voice spoke and made my heart beat just a bit faster.
He embraced me in a warm hug, pulled his long arms around me and I allowed myself to smell him for a second before I coughed awkwardly, and teared away from him.
“Hi” I said, blushing.
He chuckled deep.
“How are you love? Ready for a roadtrip?”
I walked to the mirror before I quickly pulled up my hair in a messy bun at the top of my head.
“Whaat? I thought we were just about to hang, at Starbucks or something” I said questioning, before I put the small white pearls in my ears and checked my makeup.
His voice when from steady to sort of shake, and he looked embarressed, and quilty, as he spoke:
“Well uhm... I just thought it’d be fun.. To, ya know, get out of town and so.” He rubbed his hand at the back of his haid, ruffling the blonde part of the otherwise brown hair slightly, the way I loved. (I did not just think that)
I giggled and smiled;
“Sounds fun to me!” I smiled at him,

He looked relived, and as he grabbed my favourite jeansjacket in one hand, my hand in the other, he dragged me out to his shining, black Range Rover (That I adored, just to let you know. That car really was.. amazing. I have no idea how the hell he could afford it, but it really was.. amazing)
I put the seatbelt on, and flashed a smile to Niall, who looked at me for a long moment, before suddenly started the car and with that, our little roadtrip.
I turned my eyes and let my gaze inspect him, slowly:
He was wearing black jeans, that hung really really good to his hips, and over that he just wore a light grey-white-beige (whatever) kind of sweater, that looked amazing at him. His hair was lay perfectly messy all over his haid, a small blonde slinge hung down in his forehead, which honestly just made him look even hotter. He... was good looking, that's all - I thought to myself before slowly shaking my head and focusing on the road in front of us.

 I let out a huge laugh, and felt Nialls gaze on me.
“Really?” I gasped. “You would rather have to eat a snake alive than live without chicken for the rest of your life?!”

Niall just shrugged his shoulders at me;
“Well, I just love chicken.”
I kept on laughing, smiling inside when I heard a deep chuckle outburst from the boy beside me as well.“Now, my turn. What about...?”

I felt the pace slow down, and we suddenly pulled outside this weird, anonymous building a bit outside town. It had taken a while to get here, I’d noticed when I checked my phone, but honestly time just flew. We’d spended like over an hour in that car, asking questions to get to know eachother (after all, we just met) (and yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but it really wasn’t. It was just.. really, really great. One of the best roadtrips I’ve, to be honest. Okay I admit I didn’t have that many, but you get what I mean!)
“Here we are, princess. Let’s go inside.” I looked at him weirdly, was is now he took me inside some weird apartment to rape and kill me?
He laughed at my the sceptical look on my face.
“Come on love, it’s face. I know it looks special, but it’s cool really – I know the owner, come on now!

“I’m just gonna grab a glas of water, be right back!” I shouted over my shoulder to the beautiful blonde boy that sat in the chair at the table, leaning on his elbows, grinning and nodding at me.  
I walked with carefree steps, and refilled my glas with water.
It had been like houuurs,- and we still we’re stuck at the little cafe.
It really was cosy, though. The owner, Jack, was really nice (even though the looks he gave Niall when he presented me was quite weird) and people in here were all cool they came in, grabbed a coffee, and took a table for like twenty minutes, then left – and then the next couple of people came in. Except us, of course. Because we were weirdos and had been in here for ages, haha!
It was nice, though, really nice.

I turned around and walked back to the table, smiling really wide when I looked up to se Niall holding my phone in his outstretched arm, and giving my phone an air-kiss through the camera, smiling into it and whispering some weird stuff that I couldn't make out what it was. For him to know, and me to find out I suppose.
I laughed out loud, and he quickly swtitched the camera off and looked at me innocently.
I smirked, unable to hide the fact that I really loved spending this sort of time with him, even though whatever-we-were, was so new.
"Whatcha doing?" I said, as I sat down again.
"Well besides eating your slice of cake to when you were gone, nothing really." He grinned.

 “I really liked today Niall, it was really great!” I smiled as he leaned out of his car window.
“I’m glad.” He just said, looking at me for one long minute.
“Sooo, thanks for that? We’ll talk soon, I suppose? Say hi to Greg from me and Jas, to!”
“I definitly will!” He grinned, and we just went silent exchanged stupid smiles.
I ffelt myself start to blush (definitly the heat) and quickly turned around and walked the few steps up to my door. I look behind me and waved as he started the black car and somehow looking nervously around him before driving a sharp U-turn and left.

Well, I didn’t really get my Starbucks. But I got another day with Niall. And once again, I got those weird tingles in my stomach.
Some weird shit was going on man, maybe my period was about to come.

Sorry for the terrible update guys, we promise we'll get better!
Here's chapter five of MDOP, would love if you told me what you think!

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Här har ni en till blogg ni måste läsa! En fanfiction blogg! Grym fanfiction, så klicka på länken nununu så kommer du till bloggen! →

Chapter 4: Stamford Suprise (MDOP)

2013-01-21 @ 21:48:27

“Whatever” , and turned a now focused gaze back to the game, where second half was just about to start.
I smiled from ear to ear, based on how that gaze focused that badly on the game that was now about to start, I could tell that this boy wasn’t just anybody.

“That was maaaaaad” The thick, dark and unfortunley really hot (sorry - I did not just say that about a guy I just met) accent behind me stated as we made our way through the crowds outside the arena to get to the parking.
“NO I know right, that was ridiculous! I have know idea what he was doing, he must have lost his brain or something! Seriously that man have NO education, he shouldn’t even be worth to call a referee! I actually can’t bel...”
“Heeey heeey, take it easy darling” The voice to the left of me, that belonged to Niall, spoke as he lightly patted my shoulder jokingly. (Which created goosebumbs all over my arms.. Or no, they were probably just from the cold that now layed like a veil over the night-lighted London.

“Babe you need to chill, I know he wasn’t the best but they won ey, that’s what’s important.. And I .. mean uh.”
I fell out of my thoughts and turned to Niall who had stopped since we apperently arrived at the parking now.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
“I just said it was really good to watch that game... with you. Mad, but really great to be honest! Most fun I’d had in a while!” He smiled genuinly at me, and I giggled.
“Well if you like me screaming in your ear for like two hours,  you’re more than welcome to spend more gamenights with me” I blushed like mad, realizing what that could have sounded like. Gosh, me and my weird sense of humour.
He looked me in the eyes, and god those eyes were blue as hell – and opened those beutiful lips that made his cheekbones lift up just a bit – and hell he was beautiful; and then all suddenly he got a weird look at his face.
“Shit, I forgot my jacket in the arena!”
My jaw dropped and I looked at him with eyes filled with compassion but humour. How could he be that clumpsy, who the hell forgot his jacket?
“Goooood” He groaned.
“Haha jesus Niall, what the fuck – how did you even manage to do that?” I laughed.

He looked at me with serious eyes.
“Ella, we gotta go back to find it!”
“What? No way Niall, there’re thousands of people walking out of that arena right now, I’m not going in the wrong direction and try to get myself killed, just for a jacket!” I burst out, maybe sounding more rude than I intended to. He looked offened for a moment but that look quickly swiped away from his face.
“Well, then I have to walk all the way back there to look for my jacket all myself, in the cold and dark night...” He looked at me, smirking while making puppy-eyes that made me melt in a second.
“Ugh” I groanded out loud.
“Please, please please Ella, I promise I’ll drive you home after, I’ll do anything!”
I sighed, my insides just screamed; YES to spend more time on my own with Niall, but for the look of it; I sighed and nodded.
“Okay okay,  I’ll do it. But I want a ride home AND a frappuchino from Starbucks to make it even.” He laughed at me;
“Whatever you say, princess”
I frowned at the word princess. Irish people and their pet-names. Babe, honey, sweetie, darling, princess, what-so-ever. It made me feel weird, I mean; I met this guy today (what) but actually, I liked it a lot.
We started to walk back to the arena in silence, just exchanging a few word every now and then. It wasn’t awkward though, just... a really nice and comfortable silence.
At one moment, we met Jason, Greg and the other guys, and quickly stopped for a talk;
I hugged my brother quickly as all of the boys except Greg and Jas kept on going;
 “Hey Jas, Niall promised to drive me home, so I’ll see you back there. But please, promise to call a cab or something, you can’t drive like this”
He nodded but I could see he tried hard to actually understand what I was saying.
I turned around and saw Greg talk for quiet a long time with his brother, before they both turned back to us.

“Okay then irish maaaan, shall we go and leave these little kids alone?” My brother bursted out, and I felt slightly embarressed to the fact that he clearly wasn’t aware of what he was doing or saying.
“Come on let’s just go” I told Niall quiet harsh and grabbed his arm, making our way in the wrong direction, really. People yelled at us as we pushed our was through the massive crowds, and I felt his hot breath tickle on my neck all the time, his large hand placed on my back to support me as we suddenly were back were we started, at the closed entrences to the arena.
Finally I slowed down the fast pace, and turned to face Niall.
He looked at me concerened for a second, before quickly grabbing my hand;
“This way”
“Wait Niall, what, that’s not right”
“Trust me”
I sighed before nodding and just going with him, ignoring the fact that we both did see that the doors were closed already and it was way too late to get in to the arena.

Almost jogging, still with my hand in his (what, that’s really weird. But in some way, it felt good anyway, despite that we just met, and I barley didn’t even know him, and that we were running around Stamford Bridge like two idiots)
When we finally stopped, he quickly typed something into his phone, as we stood in front of a grey, huge door that almost seem like it wasn’t door, because it was melted into the wall: if you get what I mean?
Whatever, then he suddenly started knocking like mad at the door.
I started to laugh, and he just turned around, wiping some blonde-brown loops from his forehead, and smiled big.
“What is it love?” He questioned me, those blue-blue eyes burning holes into my body.
“Do you acutally believe, someone will open that door... love?” I said sarcastically,  laughing until I had tears in my eyes. Was he really that naive...?

He smirked at me, while I just kept on laughing.
Suddenly I heard the sound of a door opening.
Wait, what?
I turned around slightly to my right and chocked I looked into Nialls smiling eyes and a guy who seemed about 45 or so, holding the door open for us.
“Whatthehell?” I asked, not even bothering to breathe in between my words.

Niall just laughed at me, grabbed my hand once again (which caused these seriously weird tingles to burn holes into my stomach again)
“Come on, this way” The guy that looked like a security guard or something, said, and looked at Niall with with a look of recognition. Wait what, what the hell was this, why were we allowed into Stamford Bridge in a back door that I’d never seen, half an hour after the game when just the players and security were there..?
I just sighed, and decided to trust Niall in whatever-this-was, and sqeezed his hand a bit extra
before we went in.

 “Whooooa, it’s so big..”
“Ella, it has always been this big” Niall laughed at me, while he finally picked up his stupid jacket from that stupid plastic chair that he so stupidly had forgotten.

Well maybe, it wasn’t that stupid after all.
After we got in, that.. guy basically left us and we walked to our old seats, where he picked up his jacket, meanwhile while I just stood there watching the whole arena.
A complete empty Stamford Bridge. Wow, it was really... big.
“I know, I just.. never seen it like this. It’s beautiful” I said, looking up to see the stars shine through the hole at the top of the arena.
He hummed something, and then grabbed my arm and made me jump:
“What?!” I said, irritated that I would soon be walking away from.. this.
I don’t know, it wasn’t exactly something special. But.. the whole thing, like, it was all empty, you could hear every sound from the cars outside, you could see the stars so brightly. Everything, it was like magic.
(Gosh I’m seriously weird, who the hell thinks an arena is... magic? Probably just me, haha. )

“Earth to Ella, c’mon I have have to show you something!”
“Oh, sorry just got lost in.. thoughts hehe.” I blushed slightly, and turned to walk after Niall.
“Okay close your eyes love” He suddenly said, as we got closer to the special exit door again.
“What, why? What is this Niall, just tell me!” I said, letting the tiredness that came over me me finally show.
“You’ll like it, chill now and close your eyes”
“Okay okay, whatevs” I said and quickly closed my eyes.
I heard the sounds of footsteps, muffled voices somewhere from behind, and then Nialls voice again. The weird thing was, those craic butterflies started to come down to the pit of my stomach whenever he was talking now, I don’t got that shit because it couldn’t be.. no. I just didn’t get it.
I opened my eyes.
And, I’m not exactly aware of what I did next, but I think I maybe, maybe, let out a little scream.

I gasped and just started at the two guys in front of me.
Standing there was nobody less than Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres.
I turned, still gasping to the smirking boy right beside them.
“NIALL: WHAT is this?!”
“Oh nothing, I just found them over there and thought you’d like to meet them” He winked, laughing and shrugging his shoulders like it was the most normal thing in the world to meet these guys.
I gaped wide, and turned to face two of my idols again.
“Done, you look really good – both of you!” I said, laughing slightly at the thought that I just photographed Frank fucking Lampard. With Niall. But anyway, Frank actual Lampard.

And I just told him he looked good, (even though I had to admit, Niall looked like a model from outer space next to him) and I mean, what, when did this happend. When did I even call Lampard good looking, honestly: THIS: WAS: MENTAL.”
I gave the black Iphone back to the blonde irish, who smiled widley at me and my silly smiled that was flastered all over my face.
“Bye then guys, good game today – speak soon!”
Niall said, causing my stomach to tingle again as he grabbed my hand (this boy and his actions, acting like it was the most normal thing to do in the world.)
We both waved at the slighly laughing men behind us, as we walked out of the arena, for the second time that night.

The second we were out and I’d maked sure the door was closed behind us, I let out a high pitched scream, and and spontaneously jumped up onto Niall with my arms around his waist, my arms slingered around his torso as I hugged himtighlty.
(just to clear up: at this time I was high of my tiredness, but as the same time all the happiness and adrenaline made me wanna stay up all night long)
I kept my arms and legs around him for a while, both of us quiet before I caught myself with what I actually was doing, and quickly jumped down on the ground again, blushed as I looked up to the taller boys amazing, blue-blue eyes.
“Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Definitly a night to remember. Can’t thank you enough; AND I still don’t get what you did to make that happend. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you Niall. Like, really...”
“Shut up Ella, I’m just so glad that I could make you smile.”
I let my smile grow even bigger on my face, just watching the sweet boy in front of me, as he for the last time that night, grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.
“What about, I’ll give you that ride home now” He said, and without waiting for me to answer, quickly sqeezed my hand in his, and started to walk to the car.

Here you have it, chapter four! Took a while to write, because of all kinds of reasons ~ and I'm tired to death  now so I really hope you'll enjoy it, please ignore the bad english will you?
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Hej allihopa! Vårat första, men definitivt inte sista länkbyte kommer här; ~
Drivs av trettonåriga Parisa, som skriver otroligt bra och gulliga noveller om de fem killarna vi alla tycker om så mycket! Definitivt något som är värt att titta in på om ni är sugna på yttterligare lite fanfiction-läsning. Go go go, tryck på länken, bilden eller HÄR med en gång!
Är DU intresserad i en länkbyte, bara lämna en kommentar så är vi in!
Kapitel fyra av MDOP är på G up, excited much? Sitter själv och ler när jag skriver det, så hoppas ni kommer tycka om det!
Hey guys! I'm just gonna link a blog for you to check out. It's fanfictions as well, written by a lovley swedish girl! I definitly think you should go take a look and leave her a nice comment; go go go! Here's the link, no excuses no:
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Chapter 3: Second half

2013-01-20 @ 19:17:00
I pouted my lips and looked seriously at them.
They just kept on laughing at me and my voice that apperently didn’t fit my screams that well.
The referee blew mid-term and the teams went out to the locker rooms; and
still those bastards were laughing their butts of. SO not okay. I didn’t really sound that bad, did I?
I look irritated at them, and when they finally stopped Greg was the first one to speak:
“Hey guys, haha that was too funny, Ella you sound mad, hahahaha.. But errrm, haha, to the point: My brother just texted me they’re here now; so what do you say, you guys want to come with me and meet up with them?”
Glances were exchanged, and then we all nodded. Jason laughed a bit;
“I don’t think I’m the only one hungry, so let’s go for a hot dog. Or just something to drink. What to you say Ella, all that screaming must have made you a bit thristy?” Which caused another fit of laughers to break out among the others.
I sighed, this was so typical Jas when he was that tipsy of what they called the game-beer. (Reaally...)
“Let’s just go” I muttered and made my way through the crowded rows.

 “Here you go Ella” Sean held out what I suppose was my hot dog, and a coke in the other hands.
“Thanks” I smiled at him, while he happily took his own from Jason other hand.
The guys were all up in talking about something really-not-interesting, when Greg suddenly showed up a few meters away and shouted to us.
All of us (That basically is all of the guys and me.. Yup.) walked towards Greg in the crowd of people that were all queing for that fucking sausages. (Stupid really. Okay maybe not, it’s food after all. And I get people was hungry. Cheering made you hungry. And tired)

“Hey guys, this is ma little brother Niall” Gregs thick accent made its way towards my ears, and I looked up from my thoughts.

 He pointed to the boy next to him as he spoke.

I glanced the way his finger pointed the first time, and felt the hot dog got stuck in my throat.
I started to cough wildly, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the boy in front of me, who got a seriously worried expression on his face. I was coughing like mad while I looked at him from the bottom to the top.

He wore dark blue jeans that hung perfectly on his hips, and the white t-shirt with some print on that was impossible to tell, since that grey hood that looked really really cozy – was covering most of it. In his left (allow me to scream cause that boy had huge hands) hand he held what looked like a dark coulored jacket, or something.
The white Supras he wore shined brightly against the grey cold floor of the arena. I couged one last time, to make sure nothing was still stuck in my throat, before I, with a complete red face from all the coughing, looked up to meet his eyes.
Shit, they were blue. Like, really deep, not-possibly-human-blue. Like, blue-blue.

I parted my lips slightly in awe, let my gaze wander over his defined cheekbones, the light pink lips that showed off a row of perfect teeth. His blonde hair was messy over his head, dark brown covered slightly by the brighter loops. I let my gaze linger at his lips a bit more before slowly looking up in his eyes once again.

“Uhm... hi?” I said, stuttering a bit. He smiled, and actually look like he thought I was funny;
“Haha, you okay love? That wasn’t just a normal cough-situation” He winked and I blushed.
“I’m okay, the hot dog just got struck in my throat hehe...”
“Heeeey kids, we’re going back – are you coming this year or?”

The older boys look at us; questioning. I teared my gaze away from Nialls, and lookws at Jason, muttering under my breath;
“Yeah surewe’recoming.”
He winked and smiled, and just turned to his friends and started walking to get up from the crowd to find their seats again.

I looked back to.. Niall, and felt how my eyes met his once again and how cheesy it may sound, it felt like he could see right into me.
We stood there for a few awkwards seconds more, him rubbing the back of his head with one of those large hands awkwardly while I just quite blunty checked him out, and went blushing like mad when he’d noticed.
“Uhmm... We probably should get going, we don’t want to miss the game..” I said, hesitating. I wasn’t used to this. To speak with people as goodlooking as him. Because honestly, he was looking really good.

“Yeah! Yeah yeah absolutly not, we definitly wouldn’t want that!” He looked relieved and words just flew out of his mouth in a big mess. I laughed a bit, started walking to the stairs;
“Weren’t your friends supposed to be here as well?” I turned around to see a slightly blushing Niall tear his eyes from my backside, and look me in the eys as he hurried the few steps of the stairs that he was behind.
“Well they were suppose to, but they bailed out last second.”
I smiled a bit, relieved that this didn’t turn out totally (okay maybe a bit) awkward after all.
“Oh, to bad” (Not really though)
Well, yeah, but honestly I don’t know how they could miss this. I’m frustrated enough I missed first half, but can’t for my world get why you with your free mind would miss a god damn Chelsea-game?”
I burst out laughing, as we turned left to mind our row again.
“That’s exactly what I said to Jason, my brother” I said and pointed at Jason were he was sitting talking with the others boys loudly “before we left the house” I smiled back at a already smiling Niall, who seemed to feel just as relieved as me as this went on pretty smoothly along with the fact that the tension slowly disappeared.

“He was even thinking of not telling me and go without me, just with his boys” I rolled my eyes; “But luckily I found the tickets before he left, can’t believe he would actually leave me at home!”
“I’m glad he didn’t..”
I froze for a moment as I sat down on the plastic chair beside my brother and holding my legs up for Niall to pass.
“What?” I looked at the hot irish boy with slightly furrowed brows.
“Uhm nothing” He said, smirking a bit before he pointed out to the field again to mark the bluedressed players as they walked out;
“Look here they come, let’s do this!”

I let his voice sink in, and felt a tickeling sensation in the pit of my stomach.
What the heck, I just met the boy, it couldn’t be.. Nah, probably just.. something.
Whatever, I thought and opened my mouth to be interrupted with a loud cheer from the irish boy to the left of me.
Just seconds later I heard my brothers voice;
“Looks like you have some competion this half” with caused the other lads (espacially Greg who were more likley laughing at his now confused little brother than Jasons comment) to laugh out loud.

I just rolled my eyes at them, pulled the jacket closer to my body that now allowed itself to feel the coldness that suddenly swept over Standford Bridge, and turned to Niall who still looked confused at the earlier statement;
“Nothing to care about, they’re drunk” I said, covering up a bit for the real truth.
But sad enough, he was about to find about anyway the next 45 minutes. He nodded with a;
“Whatever” , and turned a now focused gaze back to the game, where second half was just about to start.
I smiled from ear to ear, based on how that gaze focused that badly on the game that was now about to start, I could tell that this boy wasn’t just anybody.


Hej alla ni fina läsare! Här har ni kapitel tre av MDOP, lämna supergärna en kommentar och säg vad ni tycker, skulle vara toppen! #Sorrynotsorry for not including pictures, don't have time for it right now! Use your imagination lovelies ;)
Hey guys! Here's chapter 3 of MDOP, I would love if you left me a comment and told me what you think!
lots of love.

Chapter three of For The Very First Time

2013-01-19 @ 12:13:00
          Brooklyn was awake by her neighbours over her playing music. Without open her eyes, she kept laying in between the sheets, just to the take in the moment. She loved mornings, and especially sunday mornings. Sunday was a day to take everything slow. It was okay to not have big plans and projects on sundays, because it was the day in the week when you was meant to be lazy, that was at least her opinion. 


She stretched to reach her phone on the bedside table, and opened a text from April;


Where did you go last night? :) x


Brooklyn answered:


I went home early, was pretty tired xx


She didn’t want to tell her about Nick and that girl, and not about Harry either. Or at least not now. Even though April texted her back and asked if something had happened, Brooklyn just convinced her that everything was fine.


Which it actually was. Sure she was a bit upset about that thing with Nick, but for the moment she didn’t think about it so much. Her head was occupied by something else. Or well, someone else. We all know who she couldn’t get out of her head, don’t we? She kept throwing glances at the little note on her bedside table. On those written numbers on it. In her mind she saw two green eyes staring into her, pink lips curled up into a smirk, and luscious dark curls. She shook her head and leaved the bed to go to the window and pull aside the curtains. She sighed as she watched the rain pour over the town that today was very grey.


Brooklyn walked through the apartment to the kitchen, where she found a note from her mom. 

I have a 6 hours shift today, I'll be home at five. Call me if you need anything, love you xxx

Her mom did some extra work in a bookstore, as the writing didn't exactly make her rich.

Brooklyn made some toasts and went back to her room where she brought the breakfast and her laptop to the bed. She watched the last Harry Potter- movie, which she had seen a billions of times but never got tired of. April was going to be with her cousins today, so Brooklyn didn't have so much to do. She didn't feel for meeting Nick either because she wasn't 100% sure if she was angry on him or not over what he had done last night. 

When the movie ended she saw that it also had stopped raining, so she took her moms sweater and pulled it on, grabbed her sketch block and went out on the balcony. She breathed in the fresh air as she sat down and started sketching. For some reason she had a lot of inspiration today, and she worked fast. Two hours had passed without her notice when she all of sudden heard someone call her name. She frowned and glanced down on the street where she saw a tall figure look up on her.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" She asked confused.

"I realised I didn't want to wait until you called me, so instead I decided to see you, since I remember where you live", Harry said simply. 

She looked at the pretty boy like he was crazy, but he just naturally smiled back.


”So you were just going to walk down on the street expecting to see me through a window or something?” She asked.


”Well it worked, didn’t it?” He laughed. ”Whats the entry code?”


”Are you expecting me to let you in or something?” 


”Kind of, yeah”. 


”Hm... The answer is no”, she said and started to go back inside the apartment.


”Hey, wait!” Harry shouted. ”If you wont let me in, maybe you can come out instead?”


Brooklyn was just going to say no when she realised that it actually was quite innocent to just hang out with Harry. And besides, Nick hadn’t even call her since last night.


”Okay, I guess I can”, she shrugged. ”But can you just wait for five minutes?” 


Harry lit up and nodded excitedly and she gave him a questioning look before she went inside. She pulled on a pair of jeans, her converse and her dads old jeans jacket and took her tote bag. Moments later she excited the house and greeted Harry.


”Hello!” He said cheerily and embraced her in a big hug. She hugged him awkwardly back as she kept thinking ”how the hell did I get here? hugging Harry Styles?” Once again his perfume took over her senses.


”Don’t you have an interview to do or something?” She muttered. He ignored her, and dragged her forward by pulling lightly at her sleeve.


”Where are we going, by the way?” She asked.


”I’m taking you to the cinema”, he smiled.


”Great! I want to see The Hobbit”, she immediately answered. She’d wanted to see it for a while now but hadn’t got the time.


”Don’t you want to watch a chick flick or something? I mean, like normal girls want”.


”Oh please”, she rolled her eyes at his stupid comment. ”Well, we can, if you want me to fall asleep”.


A deep chuckle reached her ears.


They got to the cinema where they bought their tickets and popcorn. They took their seats in the very back of the saloon, which to her surprise wasn’t full of people at all. Maybe it was because it had been some weeks ago since the movie came out. It was just like the five front rows who had people on every seat.


The movie started and Brooklyn leaned forward a bit to see better. She was a big fan of Lord of the Rings and really loved that kind of movies.


”Someone’s excited?” She heard Harry’s deep voice chuckle.


”Schh”, she hushed which caused him to laugh even more.


A warm hand on her thigh, half into the movie, made her flinch. She slapped Harry’s hand away and gave him a annoyed look. He just ignored her and kept looking at the screen. But right before she looked back at the movie she saw the corner of his mouths point up in a smirk.


Suddenly something jumped up on the screen which caused Harry to jerk and spill popcorn all over himself and her. He glared grumpy at her when she started to laugh loud at his reaction. Some people turned around and hushed angrily at them. All of sudden Harry took a grip at her wrist which silenced her. He leaned forward and placed his lips just a millimeter  from her ear.


”You thought that was funny?” he smirked.


”Very”, she whispered, her voice trembling.


”Hmm...” He hummed muffled because now his lips was pressed at the skin right behind her ear, her breath became irregular at the contact. He leaned back to meet her eyes, green met grey, faces just inches from each other. Her smile had faded just like his smirk, and they now stared stared into each other eyes, almost puzzled, just like they’d just met. 


Without thinking, she lifted her hand to put it on his chest. She stared at her own hand, just like she hadn’t control over it. Skin to skin in the same heated temperature, just a thin fabric between. She felt his irregular pulse against her hand, and looked up to meet his eyes again. He unconsciously licked his lips and let his eyes wonder down her face that he found so amazing, to her lips that was parted a bit to let out her unsteady breathing.


”Please”, he whispered, almost begging, and she didn’t have to ask what he meant, because she knew oh so well. She closed her eyes, as a permission, and he didn’t hesitate a second to slam his lips against hers. 


It was different from the first time. This kiss was deep and painfully desperate, almost like they thought the moment would fly away to nothingness in any second.


Which it did, as they pulled away to gasp for air.


”Let’s go back to mine”, Harry breathed and Brooklyn nodded quickly.

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Chapter 2: First half (MDOP)

2013-01-17 @ 18:26:35

“Hey Ella, we really gotta get going! Don’t feel like the right night to be late, first night back in town”! Jason shouted to me from downstairs. I laughed quietly at him, typical him worrying about being late.
I got it though – it wasn’t exactly the night to be late, after all this was the third day Jason was at home and he was clearly really excited to meet up with “his boys” again.
“Jeez, chill out and I’ll be down in a sec” I shouted back, and heard him mutter to dad:
“I know I shouldn’t have agreed to take her with me, gosh why is she so stubborn.”
“Reaally Jason, I can hear you! And also you’re suppose to be my brother and you believe I would miss a Chelsea-game because my idiot to brother didn’t invite me in the first place, because he wanted to go alone with his boysss?” Okay, maybe a sounded a bit toooo sarcastic dragging that long on the S:s. But really, who in their clear mind misses a Premier League game when you have the chance to go? Not me anyway!

I flew down the stairs to my now embarassed, but irritated brother.
´“Ella: 1 – Jason: 0.” I pointed at me while I let out a laugh, pulled on the brown coloured jacket who went great together with the white blouse and the light blue jeans I was wearing. Much more than that wasn’t needed, even though it were closer to night than afternoon now, it was still pretty hot outside. I quickly pulled on my worn converse, before we shouted bye to our parents and got in the car.

 When we got closer to the arena, I was practically jumping in my seat.
“Jesus El, calm down, it’s just a game.”
“Well yeah, a Chelsea game to be correct.” I smirked at him, and stopped with the jumping for a sec.

“Haha well yeah I suppose you could put it that way...” He smiled but then got serious
“But seriously though, Ella, you gotta stay cool through the night. And when I say that I’m not talking about the game”
I gave him a deathstare.
“When did I ever embarresed you in front of your friends, Jas?”
“Well urm, I surley can think of a few times..” He said, laughing a bit.
“No but the thing is, Sean said he would bring a few of his other friends, some irish guy and I don’t know, so it’s not just the old gang that you know. And well, you know what I mean.”
“Yes sir. I will act like the coolest little sister ever, which in fact is what I am, isn’t it?” He sighed, but I could see he wanted to smile.

“Yeah yeah, whatever Ella, just pretend you’re normal.
 If you’re still as... wild as you used to be under the game, that’s fine. Just try so be cool during the break and stuff, so they don’t think you’re a freak.”
“Someone’s nervous about meeting new people” I teased.
“Ella” he looked at me, sternly.
“I can’t promise anything... But I’ll try” I answered, smirkingly getting out of the car.

 “Hey Jacoooob! Joosh, Max Seaan over here!” I shouted to the older boys making my way through the crowd outside of the arena.
I heard Jason behind me, and I could almost see the annoyed smile on his face when he realized I got to “his” boys before him. I hugged each one of the four familiar faces of my brother’s childhood best friends, and then waved a bit unsecure and after hesitating a moment and thinking about what Jas told me in the car, pulled out my hand to shake the others. I heard names like Andy.. or Sandy (?), Adam, Aroon and Greg – but didn’t put much effort in trying to rememeber them. I figured, maybe two or so of them was some of my brothers friends, and the other ones was probably just friends to Sean or something.
“Wooooooohoo broe you’re back!!” I could here the guys shout to Jas and turned around to see my brothers reunited with his closest friends. Good to see. Whatever made him happy, made me happy. Cheesy as hell, but true.
I stayed quited playing a bit with my phone, until a heard Max’s voice call my name:
“Hey, earth to Ella!” I looked up lauging to see all of the boys standing there watching me.

“Whaat?” I said a bit, blushing. After all, they were my big brothers friends, not mine. Sureley as hell I’d spent a lot of time with Jacob, Josh, Max and Sean and I’d always liked them a lot, but honestly, it has come to the point were it’s a bit embarrasing to be the small kid here.
“Haha, just checking if you’re still alive” Max said, laughing. “Anyway, let’s get going, shall we?” The others nodded, and so did I.

“Hey Greg, weren’t your brother supposed to come as well?” I heard Sean ask the guy that apperently was Greg.
“Yeah, he’ll probably miss the first half, but he said he’d show up with some friends in time for the second” This Greg answered, with a seriously heavy irish accent.
I sighed, gosh - even more boys.
I quickly took a step to the left to walk behind my brother to the tickets-checker.

“You excited?” Jason suddenly asked, looking back at me as we walked up the stairs to take our seats.
“Hell yeah, haha it’s a Chelsahh game for gods sake brothahh!” He smiled widley.
“I’m glad to have you here tonight baby sis. And I suppose I should feel sorry for leaving you along with all of us guys, but really not – I’m not going that far!” He chuckled, and took his seat on the right side of me while the other boys and their not-so-quiet conversations took seat outside Jason.

 The game was about to start when I suddenly turned and poked my brother on the arm to turn his attention away from the discussion he was about to have with Sean.
“Hey Jas, why is there empty seats on my left? This is, like, the game of the year!” I squelad a bit of excitment and he laughed answering me with shrugging his shoulders.
“I donno, maybe it is that guy Gregs brother’s seats, or something?” I nodded a bit, while we turned our attention to the game that now had started.

“Oh come ooooooon, seriously! That was patethic, is he blind or something?!?” I screamed, to no one in particular.
“Cheeeelsea, cheeeelsea, cheelseeeeeeaaaa” echoed through the whole arena and the night was really magic, though I still screamed pretty much as much as I used to when I was smaller, hehe..
But to defend myself, I’d never seen a referee that bad.
At one point the guys laughed at me, told me I sounded to funny “with that girly highpitch scream swearing towards the referee, players and everthing” I just rolled my eyes at them, and turned my gaze back to the field.

In the same second Chelsea scored the first goal of the night, and – (sorry not sorry) that second I probably set some kind of record for the highest pitched voice that night.

I turned to see face Jason and the guys, bending over their knees laughing (sure thing they weren’t completly sober either.. And don't even start asking me how they were suppose to get home, or get ME home after the game..)
I pouted my lips and looked seriously at them.
They just kept on laughing at me and my voice that apperently didn’t fit my screams that well.
The referee blew mid-term and the teams went out to the locker rooms; and still those bastards were laughing their butts of. SO not okay. I didn’t really sound that bad, did I?

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Chapter two of For The Very First Time

2013-01-16 @ 20:30:00
”Brook, do you see how much celebrities it is here?” April squealed excited and Brooklyn looked around in the apartment. April was right, the room was filled with a lot of people you could recognise from television, magazines or musicvideos. 


”Just so you know, I’m playing cool but inside I’m dying!” She whispered to April, tried to get rid of her wow-i’m-meeting-a-celebrity-emotions. 


”I know how it feels”, she smirked. They went for a drink and chatted for a while. 


”Did Jason show up?” Brooklyn asked and April immediately blushed. Aw, how cute.


”Yeah, he’s here. He came before you guys”, April smiled and Brooklyn gasped.


”Then why in the world are you with me, woman?!” She bursted out. April was quiet for a moment, her cheeks still in a red tone.


”I guess I just... I don’t know what to say to him. He’s in the other room now I think...” April mumbled and stared at the floor.


”It’s obvious that he likes you, go and talk to him!” Brooklyn said.


”I don’t know I-” 


”GO! Don’t stay here with me! I know you like him, now go!” Brooklyn shouted and started pushing April forward. 


”Okay, okay!” April laughed and went into the other room. Brooklyn smiled to herself and took a sip of her drink.




Harry watched the big room from where he stood, leaned back against the wall, and chatted to Niall. The room was massive and full of light from the big windows that showed an extraordinary view of London. The walls were decorated with expensive paintings, made by famous artists and the furniture that were spread around the room was made by exclusive designers. 


He was quite bored. He’d thought that he would get a day off, but when Louis told him that they had to go to this party he understood that it wasn’t in that way. He was slightly tired of doing this so often; go to parties thrown by famous people just so their image would stay good. Don’t misunderstand, Harry loved his job and all that revolved around it, he had just done this for so long now. 


He was just going to take a sip of his drink when his eyes landed on her. His glass stopped half on its way to his mouth that almost let out a little gasp. The girl he looked at was just... Indescribable. She sat beside the bar, and her eyes wandered over the room. She looked bored, but also kind of fascinated of the chic people that surrounded her. She had dark-brown hair, just like chocolate, gorgeous eyes, and skin in a olive coloured tone. Her body looked perfect in the creamy white dress she wore. It just covered half of her thighs, but she didn’t look slutty at all.


”Harry? Are you listening?” Niall asked and waved his hand in front of Harrys eyes that were locked on the girl. He had been so mesmerized by the girl that he hadn’t even heard what Niall said. It was just something about her, not only the way she looked. He couldn’t let this one slip out of his hands.


”Sorry Niall, there’s something I have to do”, he excused himself and put down his drink on a table beside him. He pushed himself through the crowd of people, to the other side of the room where the girl was.


Brooklyn sat in the barstool and looked around in the room, when out of sudden a boy stood in front of her. Or maybe a young man? He was anyway in the age of like... eighteen? Well, it wasn’t his age that made Brooklyn confused. It was the fact that he was a celebrity. And a really famous one. Harry Styles, as his was named, was actually one of the biggest pop-singer right now. Girls adored him. Brooklyn knew he was a singer, but she wasn’t sure if he was in a band or worked as a solo-artist. She had never been such a big fan for that type of music.


She glanced at her sides, to be sure that it was actually her the boy was smiling down to. And since it wasn’t someone around her, it was. She gave him a confused look.


”Uhm... Hi?” She said and it sounded more like a question. 


”Hello!” He said cheerily. ”Mind if I sit here for a while?” He pointed at the chair beside hers. 


”Oh, I guess not”, she said and shrugged. That boy really acted strange, and she was more confused then ever before. 


”So... Who are you here with?” He asked and flashed a charming smiled, exposed a dimple beside the right corner of his mouth. He was really gorgeous, and Brooklyn could see why so many girls fell for him. His eyes had a bright green colour and formed a contrast against his dark, luscious curls that framed his face. His lips were curled up into a cheeky smile. His body was really fit and dressed in a white t-shirt that sat tight around his trained torso, and a pair of dark blue jeans. He was a bunch of inches taller than her.


”I’m her with my boyfr-” Brooklyn interrupt herself when she realised she didn’t know where Nick was. He had disappeared just some minutes after they had arrived and she hadn’t even notice. 


”Your boyfriend?” Harry filled in.


”Erm, yeah, but right now I actually don’t know where he is...” Brooklyn said and looked around in the room, hoping to see him.


”Is it the dude who’s talking to that blondie right there?” He asked and she followed his eyes. And there he was, standing and talking to an unfamiliar girl with a really short dress, smiling at her as she told him something he apparently found very interesting. A little lump started growing in Brooklyn’s stomach, but she told herself to not get jealous.


”Yeah, it is. That’s his cousin”, she lied. 


”Mhm”, Harry muttered, didn’t seem to believe what she said. ”Anyway, I’m Harry”, he said and reached his hand towards her.


”Brooklyn”, she introduced herself and shook his hand. It was large and warm and in some how, it sent shivers through her.


”Brooklyn...” he said to himself almost like he tasted her name in his mouth. ”Well, Brooklyn, do you want to go for a walk?” 


She thought for a while, but then said simply ”no”. Harry got a disappointed expression.


”Why not?”, he whined like a little kid. She laughed.


”Just give me a reason! Why would I go for a walk with you? I barely know you...” 


A smirk appeared on his face.


”Maybe because I am really handsome?” 


Yeah, you are, Brooklyn thought to herself which made her cheeks flush red. 


”Mmm, now I’m totally convinced”, she said sarcastically. Harry looked away and furrowed his brows.


”Okay, maybe this... Because your boyfriend is touching his cousin in a way you shouldn’t touch your cousin?” 


Brooklyn looked in Nick’s direction and gasped when she saw that Harry was right. Nick held his hand on the blond girl’s lower back, right over her bum.


”Let’s get out of here”, Brooklyn muttered. ”But don’t you dare do something”. She pointed her finger to Harry before she started walk out of the room.

”I won’t”, Harry chuckled satisfied behind her. 




The dark had settled over London and the cold air hit Harry when they got out of the building and started walking down the street. It was april, though, but it was still cold when the sun disappeared. He was glad he’d started to talk to the girl - or well, Brooklyn. She was really something different. 


”So Brook, I can call you Brook right?” He stated. Why in the hell did he stated? He used to  be great with girls? Brooklyn laughed a bit.


”Someones nervous?” She smiled teasingly. 


”No?” Harry said, tried to hide the fact that she was right, but failed when his cheeks flushed red.


”Tell me something about yourself”, he muttered to change the subject. Brooklyn thought for a while.


”What do you want to know?”

”Hmm... What do you study, for example?” 


”Art, here in London”.


Harry raised his eyebrows. ”Really?” He said.


”Why do you sound so shocked?” Brooklyn asked. 


”I don’t know... I just didn’t know you’re the ”art-type”. But don’t misunderstand me, it’s great! But if you don’t get any job you can always get money in other way and stuff”, he ranted.


”What do you mean?” Brooklyn asked.


”Uhm, I mean... You can always get job as a model and stuff”. He said and scratched his neck.


Brooklyn blushed hard and let out a little laugh. 


”Yeah, totally...” She mumbled. 


”No, I’m serious! Your really gorgeous”, he said clearly. 


Wow, Brooklyn thought. People never called her gorgeous, and she hadn’t expect to hear it from Harry Styles.


”Thanks...” She mumbled. 


After a moment of walking in silence, Brooklyn cleared her throat.


”Uhm, I really should go back to the party...” She said.


”Screw the party!” Harry exclaimed. ”It was boring anyway.”


She chuckled. ”Well, my best friend threw it...”


”Oh”, Harry said. ”Well, let’s pretend I just didn’t say that”. 


”Said what?” She grinned which made Harry chuckle.


Before they knew it, they talked about everyone and everything, like they’d knew each other for ages. It all happened so fast, suddenly Brooklyn was leaned against the wall to a building, with Harry leaned over her, and for the very first time their lips pressed against each others. It wasn’t a rough or very passionate kiss, just a gentle, humble and easy one. A voice in Brooklyn’s brain screamed that it was so wrong, that she had to think about Nick. But the voice attenuated by the warm that was builded up through her body. It started in her stomach and reached every fingertip, every inch of her seventeen year old body. 


Harry also felt a warm inside him. And as well, he got a feeling that it was wrong. Or not wrong really, he actually felt great, he just didn’t want everything to happen so fast. But it did, and no one of them could really stop it.


”I- I can’t do this to Nick, I’m sorry”, Brooklyn whispered and pulled away from his warm breath. A wave of disappointment washed over Harry. He knew she would do that, but he couldn’t help to get sad.


”Didn’t you see what your ‘boyfriend’ did? He barely snogged that girl. Don’t you want a revenge?” Harry hissed between teeth.


”No he didn’t. And I wouldn’t use someone else in that way to get him jealous anyway”, she answered. 


”Don’t bother me, I don’t mind getting your boy jealous”, Harry said as he leaned towards her.


”Stop it”, Brooklyn said and pulled him away as he sighed deeply. ”I’m sorry, I would just never do that to Nick”. 


”It’s okay”, he smiled a little. ”Want to go back to the party?” 


”Nah, I think I’m gonna head home”.


”I’ll follow you”.

They started walking. Her house was like five quarters away from where they were now, but she didn’t mind. She liked walking with Harry, but only if they didn’t kiss like they’ve did just a moment ago. She had liked the kiss, but she would never admit that to herself, ever. 


Brooklyn shivered and rubbed her arms to raise the temperature. Why did London have to be this damn cold? Harry noticed that she froze.


”Hey, wanna borrow my jacket?”, he asked. She knew she should say no, to be polite, but it was really cold.


”Why not”, she smiled and Harry had already taken it off. She put on the jacket and a smell of men perfume filled her nose. The jacket was in black leather, with a shaggy coat on the collar. It was really warm, actually.


”Thank you”, she said and he answered with a smile. He didn’t looked at her, just smiled at the ground. He was still overwhelmed by the kiss, and had to use all his urge to not grab her and kiss her again. Even if she was the most stunning girl he ever had met, and he thought her boyfriend was an complete asshole, he wouldn’t do it if she didn’t want to. 


”We’re here”, Brooklyn said and they stopped outside the building that she lived in. She pressed the entry code and a green button told that she could open the door.


”Goodnight then”, she said.


”Goodnight”, he answered and smiled.


”Oh, your jacket!” She remembered and started to take it off.


”Keep it on, I’ll be fine. And then you got a reason to see me again”, he winked and sneaked a note with a number on into her hand. She stared at the note like she didn’t understand what it was. For a moment she was impressed by how fast he had wrote down the numerals without her notice, but then she realised that he’d probably always carried around a note with his number on. Hah, what a cheeky boy. 


”Don’t get your hopes too high”, she laughed jokingly before she said a ”goodnight” and disappeared into the house. 


”That’ll be hard”, he mumbled to himself when she was gone, and started to keep walking down the empty street. 

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